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at the west virginia mine where deadly gases at unheard levels are keeping rescuers at bay as the families of four missing men wait and pray. >>> plus, honoring the confederacy and stirring up controversy. one governor's decision opens up some old wounds and draws condemnation from some african-american leaders. i'm wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room." >>> they are self-proclaimed christian with warriors planning to attack law enforcement officers here in the united states and insight the overthrow of the u.s. government. chilling allegations against the alleged members of a michigan malit malitia, and now ominous recordings revealing a deep sea of loathing of those they call terrorists. susan candiotti is working the story for us. susan, tell the viewers what you have. >> reporter: well, wolf, cnn has obtained exclusively an audiotape played during a bond hearing for alleged members of the gutari militia last week. the government says you are about to hear the voice of the alleged leader. >> in this nation we think we are free, but you need a certificate to be born, a license to
. >>> controversy about the confederacy, a proclamation from virginia's governor sparking intense debate while opening old wounds. now he's conceding he made a major omission. i'll also speak with the former virginia governor doug wilder. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid, youtube didn't exist. and facebook was still run out of a dorm room. when we built our first hybrid, more people had landlines than cell phones, and gas was $1.75 a gallon. and now, while other luxury carmakers are building their first hybrids, lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles. and that's quite a head start. ♪ >>> huge controversy erupted over a decision this week by virginia's republican governor to decembsignate april confeder history month. cnn's kate bolduan is following the story. >> reporter: virginia, known for its civil war battlefield, its capital richmond was the capital of the confederacy, now a must battle over that legacy. virginia republican governor bob mcdonnell has declared april confederate lift month to understand the sacrifices of the confederate lead, soldiers and citizens.
of west virginia miners. brian todd has taken us through a drill to give us an idea of the latest problems that rescuers are up against. >>> lisa sylvester is monitoring some of the top stories that are coming into "the situation room" right now. good to see you, what are you working on? >> north korea calls president obama's new nuclear policy hostile. posing a thuk clear threat to new york career. president obama pledged to refrain from using nuclear weapons on countries using nonproliferation standards. >>> thailand -- the actions sent soldiers and police in retreat, despite tear gas canisters and water cannons and also of course the government restored a tv channel which had been shut down. protesters as you can see, they have been demonstrating for a new government for the past month. >>> and qatar says its diplomat that conjured up a bomb scare will be sent home but he won't be flying united. when he tried to board a united flight, he was turned away. they said he violated a federal law when he joked about lightsing his shoes on fire. apparently, united not taking hill home. he's not
prague later. ed henry, thanks very much. >>> there's fresh heartbreak in west virginia right now where efforts to find four missing miners are suffering a setback. rescue crews were within 500 feet of an airtight emergency chamber where the miners could be waiting for help when they were forced to turn back. cnn's brian todd has been covering this story for us on the ground in west virginia. what's the latest, brian? >> reporter: wolf, no getting around it. as you mentioned, a major setback for the rescue effort today. just a short time ago, rescue teams were pulled out of the upper big branch mine because of dangerous and potentially explosive levels of methane carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas. especially excruciating development because they had gotten so close. the rescuers had gotten into the same general area where they believe the four missing miners are located. you mentioned a moment ago, wolf, they did get within 500 feet of one of those rescue chambers, one of those large boxes that can fit 15 miners in there. they have enough oxygen in there for four days. that's for 15 peop
as well as currency to the group. they appeared in a virginia court this afternoon. in convicted, they could face 15 years in prison. >>> goldman sachs' shares of the company stock plummeted following the announcement of a criminal investigation being conducted. and now the race for the gap between the three front-runners in is a statistical dead heat. tony blair hit the campaign trail for his successor. the coast guard brought down a 1300 foot navigation tower. it was completed in 1961 and part of the maritime and flight communication system. but it is no more, wolf. >> the coast guard are very sis bee in the gulf of mexico. as crews scramble, is sarah palin sticking by her motto drill baby drill? what the former alaska governor is now saying about this disaster. and we'll get a firsthand look at the first play layers of oil that reach land as the president is over. at least on paper. does it take some of the pressure off of him to keep jump-starting the economy? provides critical financinghl to more than 300,000 growing companies. ♪ you stood in the basement gathering dust wh
of that west virginia mine disaster. why the mine's owner says the president is misinformed. >>> plus, emotional stories of the final days of world war ii. we're going to hear from american veterans who helped liberate survivors of the holocaust. about all the discouns we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. my mother shaped me as an actor, as a musician, as a human being. so when she was diagnosed with colon cancer, it was like our entire family got cancer. and she died when she was only 56, so this is personal. and hopefully my heartbreak is your wake-up call. you can prevent colorectal cancer. if you're 50 or older, get screened. screening saves lives. >
. authorities flew them from east africa to norfolk, virginia, to face federal prosecution for their alleged attacks on u.s. navy ships af somalia. the indictment says five were caught after a pirate ship attacked the "uss nicholas." the cases will be prosecuted in norfolk. >>> friday in baghdad has been a throwback to an era of almost daily violence in the capital. dozens were killed today in a wave of bombings in baghdad and in anbar province. no one claimed responsibility, but experts say the attacks are characteristically al qaeda. they come days after iraq and the u.s. announced they had killed the two most wanted al qaeda leaders in the country. >>> the catholic church is throwing its support behind research into adult stem cells as an atelternative to embryoni stem cells. a group of researchers at the university of maryland school of medicine. the church opposes embryonic stem cell research because it calls for the destruction of embryos. >>> an oil spill in the gulf of mexico could be disastrous for the environment. we are keeping an eye on that sunken rig and whether it's leaking to
by the court involved dogfighting videos made by bob stevens of virginia. though he characterized them as educational, he received a 37-month sentence for selling them. he tells cnn the court's decision is exactly what he was hoping for. his lawyer condemns animal mistreatment but says video is a tool to stop it. how is it we learn about problems of animal cruelty? how do we learn about baby seals being clubbed? we see pictures, pictures galvanize us to action. >> reporter: the humane society of the united states has used undercover video to improve the treatment of cattle and inspection of meat. but the group says that for-profit videos of animals being tortured and killed is a different matter. >> if you sexually abuse a child in your basement, if you're not caught, should you be able to sell the video? of course not. that's child pornography. that's forbidden. the court says that's not protected speech. and the same principal who asupply to crush videos and dogfighting. >> reporter: they hope to see a bill introduced within the next week which will more narrowly target crush videos.
perished in last week's west virginia explosion have now been recovered. and as a result, federal investigators will be able to get back into the mine -- into the mine to try to determine what caused that tragic blast. recovery efforts were hindered by dangerous gas levels. west virginia senator, jay rockefeller, said the state's congressional delegation will receive a briefing on the disaster later this week. >>> a funeral procession was held in los angeles today for a police officer turned marine reservist who was killed in afghanistan. robert cottle was killed with another marine last month when their armored vehicle was bombed. he was the first lapd officer to die in combat in afghanistan, where he had served two previous tours of duty. he leaves behind a wife and an infant daughter. >>> and americans will soon get a rare peek inside the life of the late jackie kennedy. publisher hyperion has announced it will put out the transcripts from more than six hours of interviews done just months after president kennedy was assassnated. the book was authorized and will be edited by th
obama ordered all u.s. flags in west virginia flown at half-staff, proving they are searching for the ninth remaining victim in the upper big branch mine. work hampered, though, by high levels of hazardous gas, they keep having to turn the rescuers back. the flags stay at half-staff until sunday. >>> voters have two more days to cast their ballot. an extension announced after complaints of voter confusion in polling sites in southern sudan. at several places voters couldn't find their names in the rechs city. the country's first multiparty elections in a quarter century. >>> you ipad users, maybe you should have waited. an ipad killer from germany. has nearly mamping mont irs. check it out. called the wipad. its maker says this tablet outperforms the ipad, a bigger screen, a web cam, we've had prices that start around $6 hun for the six gigabyte version. hitting stores in late july. ipad, wipad, you pad, we all pad. >> going to be a new rage out there. >> something else. yeah. >> all right. thanks, t.j. >> all right. >>> hillary clinton, is she a potential supreme court nomine
a few bars of the star spangled banner and get to work. >> here's what the former governor of virginia who is of the democratic party, your counterpart, he announced a strategy to win in november, the mid-term elections. he said this. democrats under president obama's leadership have been a results party and that is what americans want. the republicans innocent have been a party of obstruction. do you think americans will reward results rather than obstruction. tell us why you think that's not going to work. >> it doesn't work because look at the results. wait a minute. health care reform they said they don't want. that's not a result. you mean to tell me if i force get you something you didn't want and thought that would be a good result? no. call it results all day, but the reality is the real result will come in november when republicans sweep in the house and the senate and governorships very much as we said, the real result will come in the polls that are reflective of how people feel about what this administration is doing with the leadership. that's the result. >> it continues t
to bear arms. but at a rally in virginia, where it is legal to openly carry certain weapons, some took full advantage. our cnn's john king is joining me now, he hosts "john king usa" at the top of the hour. you were at that rally and saw a lot of people who were packing. what was the mood? what was their cause? >> it was an interesting afternoon, suzanne. interesting day. they were out there all day, and it was number one, evidence of the rich disaffection many people have with their government. of and was striking about it, they were in a national park land right on the edge of the potomac river, allowed to carry they're weapons because of a law signed by who? barack obama. remember, he didn't like this part of it, but it included you allowing to carry a federal weapon on park land. so many were there with their weapons, and believe they have that right and wanted to demonstrate their second amendment rights. but the complaints weren't about guns. yes the broader argument was much more disaffection with government. the health care bill. they say it's not grounded in the constitution.
's highlighted in yellow. the president's plan allows new drilling, off virginia, and considers for much of the atlantic coast as well. it would expand drilling in the gulf of mexico and exploration in alaskas cook inlet. but it puts new protections on alaska's bristol bay, that is seen in red, and it leaves in place a ban on drilling off the west coast. >>> and an investigation is under way in to a case raising new concerns about nuclear materials falling into terrorists' hands. it is also is raising some tension between two bitter rivals. our cnn brian todd has the details. >> suzanne, the president of georgia said his security forces have intercepted a shipment of highly enriched uranium that was headed for the black market. president mikhail saakashvili sold the associated press the seizure occurred last month when it came in from the caucasus's region. the foreign nationals have been detained. the georgian government has thwarted smuggling operations in the past few years. and the president said it comes, quote, from the direction of russia. he blames them for creating instability i
from the others? tom in virginia writes, goldman sachs and their employees are free to give their money to whichever political candidate they want and maybe they gave to president obama's campaign because they wanted to have some sway in his administration. the recent fraud investigation in to their practices has made one thing clear, they don't. maria writes from maryland, no, he shouldn't. he ought to put the money toward the national debt. that would make goldman suks weep like babies. or obama should give it to a specified list of nonprofits or applying it to greening government buildings or vehicle fleets, but nothing should go back to goldman sachs. brandzen writes, is this really a conflict of interest? obama received $1 million from goldman but how much did he get from other sources? a million dollars isn't exactly a game changer in the united states economy today. john in san antonio, he should, but don't look for the ceo of the u.s. government, inc., to do anything to upset its parent corporations. travis in san diego says, i'm stunned, on a daily basis, that any individual in
and two gubernatorial races in virginia. organizing america, pat of the dnc is spending around an e-mail reminding supporters there are only 190 days until the mid-term elections and telling them that while republicans might "be measuring the drapes for new offices" they believe they can avoid a nightmare snay yore, some republicans already think that will happen. >> rally the coalition, the president, helping hem in november 2008. thanks very much. >>> back to one of the big issues in this mid-term election. anger over wall street's role in the chick crisis. executives of goldman-sachs in the hot seat on capitol hill tomorrow as they fight allegations of fraud. our senior political analyst david gergen is here joining us now. david, the court of public opinion versus the legal court. of course, two major agenda issues concerning goldman-sachs? >> absolutely. and put on trial in the court of public opinion tomorrow but later on to defend themself in the securities and exchange commission in a formal courtroom proceeding. their chances of losing the court of public opinion are much,
is when it comes to transparency is president obama keeping his word? jack in virginia, wake up, jack, obama never cared what the media think. they're useful idiots when the spin is positive like during the campaign and annoying pests who deserve to be ignored when times are not so good like now. you and your media pals have been had. matt in santa barbara, california, a certain amount of closed-door activity's necessary in diplomacy and in reaching consensus. this allows leaders to search for the best answers without being hounded by news agencies looking for a sound bite that will later be used against the speaker usually out of context. james in south carolina, he certainly is more transparent than past presidents. they'll never be transparent enough to suit the press and that's not necessarily a bad thing. by the way, you're dead right when you said you're very good at whining. charlene writes, when candidates run for office, i don't think they're exactly privy to all of the inside info that the president has access to. could it be that once a candidate actually gets into office t
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16